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Video Conference Solutions Dubai UAE

The geography of your workplace is no more going to affect the efficacy of your operations. The optimised use of technology ensures togetherness and team spirit even during a transformation from centralised offices to decentralised offices and remote working options. Video conferencing solutions have eliminated the physical distance between the employees and the business and client. Internet connectivity and supporting devices, like desktops, mobile phones or any other video device can bridge the divide between colleagues or between the executives and the clients.

Better collaboration with team members is assured with the help of a video conferencing tool. Daily meetings, weekly status meetings, project launch, employee induction programme, training session, sales and customer review meetings, managerial meetings and any other meeting can use the video conferencing platform for effectiveness.

Remote working culture, which is gaining momentum with the pandemic situation has enhanced the scope of video conferencing tools. A small office and remotely working employees is the trend that is getting popular across the globe. Businesses and organizations can ensure smooth remote connectivity by introducing a few components at the office to set up a video conferencing system. The employees can join team meetings from their home or remote workplaces and ensure the effectiveness of communication by sharing videos and non-verbal cues. An indirect benefit of the video conferencing system is the drastic reduction in the company expenses that we usually spend on travel for training programmes.

Trimming operational costs increases the deliverables of the team, video conferencing helps to create team spirit and bonding among the team members even if they work remotely.

Popular Video Conference Solutions in UAE

Businesses planning a shift to video conferencing mode can choose the best solution from the industry's leading solution providers. Selecting a suitable video conferencing solution provider from Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Zoho, and other solution providers help you to organize video conferencing with colleagues and clients. Video conferencing has enhanced global business experiences as geography is not hindering business tie-ups.

Microsoft Teams Integration: A business communication platform of Microsoft Teams offers a complete solution for team development and team bonding. This integrated solution supports workspace to chat, video conferencing, audio calls and audio messages. The team supports the creation of multiple channels for managing different operation groups and ensures proper completion of the work.

Google meet: A video communication service offered by Google, google meet is suitable for participating a large number of participants in a meeting. A trusted service with security features to safeguard privacy, it is used for business purposes and institutional purposes.

Uses of video conference solutions at the workplace

Businesses and institutions of all sizes can use video conferencing systems for employee meetings and client meetings. The meeting rooms can handle many operations:

  • Sales meeting
  • Interview
  • Client meeting
  • Project presentation
  • Online training
  • Product demonstration
  • International business meetings

How to ensure the best videoconference solution?

Cloudlink offers comprehensive support for installing and maintaining a video conferencing solution. Ensuring the availability of best quality devices for secure reservation of Ad Hoc Meeting, a one-tap system for join meetings, camera systems and projectors with AI features and AI-supported devices for controlling video capturing, Cloudlink has evolved as a leading provider of Video Conference Solutions in UAE. Send your queries to sales@cloudlink.ae to know more.

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