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Research findings say that Artificial Intelligence or AI is useful for personalizing business operations. According to 40% of businesses, a better customer experience is what motivates them to use artificial intelligence.

Workflow Automation and business process automation are the significant results of the extensive use of AI in business organizations across the globe. The business process management and workflow management in the UAE is no different. AI is a leading tool and change-maker in the business world in the UAE.

Workflow automation, business process automation, digital transformation and IT service management are the outcome of the efficient use of AI. The extensive growth in digital transformation services is with the comprehensive use of AI capabilities. The effectiveness of IoT also is an outcome of the development in the use of AI. Analysing a huge amount of data and finding out the most valuable information from the chunk of data.

IT Service management is witnessing a sudden technological transformation in the present era. Requirement for IT Service desk management and efficient reduction of downtime in completing IT Services have escalated the use of AI for the task. Every IT service offered to customers are designed and planned with ITSM support. Delivering, operating and controlling IT services, managing the service desk servers and controlling the technical functions play a crucial role in the existence of a business organization.

Cloudlink follows IT IL Standards and ensure complete IT Asset Management and all other kinds of asset management services. Clients can ensure smooth IT Workflow and ITSM on joining hands with our team.


SapphireIMS in UAE has introduced many digital innovations to provide comprehensive client-centric support to businesses. Sapphire has become a leading service and product provider in UAE with its motto Customer First, Customer Second. A certified enterprise-grade support system, SapphireIMS makes your business agile. Ensuring the efficiency of business operations and improvising the work culture within an organization, Sapphire creates a new business environment that believes in collaboration and service support solution.

Superior customer experience and futuristic innovations for the empowerment of the business at every level is what makes SapphireIMS a leading product and service provider. Every tool and service offered by the team guarantees to respect every individual and manage operations with integrity led actions.

What does SapphireIMS offer?

Seamless integration: SapphireIMS provides integration support to various software solutions. The solutions offered by Sapphire can be easily integrated with ERP, HRMS and CRM tools.

Extreme flexibility: Workflow management tools, data models, notifications and every other element of a business can be configured in a user-friendly manner with Sapphire.

Omnichannel Interactions: Mobile App, SMS, email or website play as interactive platforms for the solutions offered.

Intelligent data points: Data analytics and quick generation of intelligent data points are possible at all stages of use.

Decision making support: Handling different business situations need complete support from your software tool. Intelligent inputs and insights help organizations to take the right decision at the right time.

SapphireIMS provides clients with professional service to enjoy the best experience in the industry. Managed services support to optimize resources and improvise ROI (Return on Investment). Sapphire also guarantees training and certification support to clients using business process automation, workflow automation, digital transformation and IT service management support.

Cloudlink offers you all the products and services offered by SapphireIMS. For more details, get in touch with our team at sales@cloudlink.ae

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