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We integrate IT service management with other products and apps to build a robust technology platform that is propelled by automation and cutting-edge technological advancements. Let's look at our extensive line of IT products that can help your company succeed.


Heimdal Security

Having been designed as a platform to address all customer experience issues, it delivers a strong contact center solution. By eliminating segmented operations and personnel management, the solution promises to empower all organizations—SMEs or Enterprises—to manage their customer interactions. We have several items that have won awards in our sector, including:

  • Ameyo Voice
    Call center software to make it simple for you to communicate with customers
  • Ameyo Omni
    Software for Omni channel Contact Centers for seamless client experiences.
  • Ameyo Fusion
    Offers a user-friendly, unified, and powerful help desk ticketing system.
  • Ameyo Emerge
    This company's cloud-based call center software offers a safe and hassle-free solution.
  • Ameyo Engage
    Simple, secure, and scalable cloud-based contact center software for international calling.
  • Ameyo Collect
    Automated Collection Software for debt recovery.
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Heimdal Security

The scans from Heimdal are relatively simple to set up and offer respectable malware protection. However, its real-time protection doesn't always detect every danger and occasionally lets some pass through.

One of Heimdal's best features is the multitude of scans it offers to get rid of viruses from your computer. In tests, Heimdal's scans found and contained 99% of threats, which is outstanding but less efficient than virus scans in leading antivirus programs like Norton. In order to secure your system, Heimdal's special real-time security combines its DarkLayer Guard, VectorN Detection, and TTPC (Threat-to-Process Correlation).

  • Unified Threat Management (UTM), Advance Threat Protection (APT)
  • Protect against new threats and upgrade your antivirus program to include EDR.
  • Utilize cutting-edge HIPS/HIDS and unmatched IOC and IOA intelligence to conduct threat-hunting
  • Specialized traffic filtering to stop data leakage, endpoint compromise, and more;
  • Financial Trojans, ransomware
  • Malware that steals data and advanced malware
  • Other Threats, Known & Unknown
  • Blocking harmful internet traffic
  • Advanced threat detection using machine learning at the traffic layer
  • Automated patch deployment and unmatched vulnerability management
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The goal of Huawei is to create a fully connected, intelligent world by bringing digital technology to every individual, home, and organization. In order to achieve this, we will: advance ubiquitous connectivity and encourage equal access to networks to lay the groundwork for an intelligent world; offer the most powerful computing power to deliver ubiquitous cloud and intelligence; build potent digital platforms to aid all industries and organizations in becoming more agile, efficient, and dynamic; redefine user experience with AI by providing customers with more individualized and intelligent experiences across all scenarios, including the home; and finally, provide the best possible security for the intelligent world.

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Sapphire IMS

A cloud-based and on-premises IT service management tool is called SapphireIMS. It supports enterprises of all sizes automating their IT service management across numerous industrial verticals. Incident management, change management, a service catalog, adaptable workflows, and reporting are some of the key features.

SapphireIMS is a package that includes functionality for service desks, asset management, inventory and compliance management, service automation, and business service monitoring. Incorporated ITIL standard process templates, SLA management and monitoring, ticket creation, a known-error database, and a user portal are further capabilities.

Professional, Enterprise, and MSP are the three versions of SapphireIMS that are offered. Windows, Android, and iOS devices may all use it. Online, over the phone, via email, and through a knowledge base, customer help is offered.

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It is an open standard phone system that runs on software and is based on the SIP standard. It supports a variety of phone hardware and comes with mobile apps and online browser extensions. One significant benefit is that the software itself can be hosted on a local server, a distant server, or both for increased robustness. Due to its versatility and cost effectiveness, it is frequently recognized as a fantastic IP PBX for small and developing organizations.

There are many qualities that 3CX offers distinguish them from their rivals. The majority of PBX and VoIP products offer call routing features that can be customized for each individual deployment. Additional capabilities in 3CX enable you to totally customize your call flow by offering a range of call flow options.

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