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Safeguard your privileged accounts from threats with Privileged Access Management Software. A well-developed and updated software solution can keep hackers at bay from your privileged accounts and protect the most sensitive data from being misused.

Privilege accounts, having more privileges to access highly confidential and sensitive transactions and other details, are more prone to become the targets of hackers. The Privileged Accounts have the power to access and control critical functionalities of a business organization. Privileged Accounts are the keys to managing IT infrastructure, networks and systems.

Effective use of PAM can secure privileged user accounts, domain administrative accounts, emergency accounts, service accounts, domain service accounts and applications. Hackers always try to break into the privileged accounts to sabotage your entire system and operations, and PAM constructs an invisible wall protecting the accounts from the threats.

PAM software solutions are keys to the safety of sensitive data in an organization. PAM solutions ensure the security of privileged accounts and protect admin accounts and the critical assets of a company. The security features offered by PAM restrict access to confidential and critical data and functionalities of a company and safeguards accounts from being hacked by cyber attackers.

PAM is a double-layered security tool that protects the data from external attacks and internal misuse. As PAM restricts access and provides absolute minimum access to the users, they can perform only their duties without altering or copying the confidential data.

PAM generates a secure and centralised vault, controlled with secure passwords, to ensure the safety of the accounts. The policies make user permissions mandatory for access and for altering secure data. Setting a specific timeframe for accessing the data and recording log in details of the users guarantees the safety of the information. Restriction on multiple users at a time enhances the authentication system. Using PAM Solutions in Dubai, the business organizations in the region can get complete control over the confidential data and the visibility of the privileged user identities.

Benefits of PAM Solutions

A security breach for privileged credentials contributes a significant share of the total number of cyber-attack incidents. A robust PAM solution takes up the crucial responsibility of protecting business systems from cyber-attacks. 

Regulate access to privileged accounts: Enabling the organizations to keep track of privileged access, PAM ensures complete visibility to privileged accounts on cloud and on-premise servers. 

Centralised control over access to privileged accounts: Ensures complete regulation over the access from a single point regardless of hardware, application or platform used. 

Prevents attack on privileged accounts: PAM enables the isolation of privileged account use and tracks the activities to reduce risk. PAM takes away the privilege of the employees when they leave the organization, or when their role is changed.

Restricts the sharing of credentials: PAM regulates the use of the same credentials by multiple users. An individual will have to use a unique login.

Integration with identity and access management system: Identity and access management ensures enhanced security to accounts.

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