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Optimize Your IT Operations to Monitor, Troubleshoot and Improve IT Infrastructure & Improve Overall ROI for Your Business

It is difficult for industries to operate, maintain, and enhance systems due to the growing complexity of IT systems. Especially in the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) sector, Cloudlink is one of the top-choice IT Managed Services providers for industry leaders. As your strategic partner for IT outsourcing, we can assist you in modernizing IT operations to have the greatest possible positive business impact.

With a wealth of experience, our Applications Managed Services Team can handle all aspects of the application landscape, from development support and maintenance to business continuity, coordinating with the appropriate OEMs of standard applications at support levels ranging from L0 to L3.

Our customers can easily manage and maintain their IT infrastructure with the help of our Infrastructure Managed Services Team. Utilizing our combined knowledge of operating systems and databases, our team develops a comprehensive process for infrastructure maintenance and support. Our consultants take care of everything, including filing tickets, addressing problems, and, if necessary, liaising with the original manufacturers of the relevant technology goods.

Explore our Managed Services offerings

✦ AI Operations & Optimization
Our approach to network and IT operations is accelerated by using AI and automation to move from manual, reactive, and incident-driven operations to proactive, data-driven operations.

✦ Cognitive Technology
With the help of our cognitive technologies, which combine big data and specialized knowledge of networks, emerging intent-based network operations can operate at previously unheard-of speeds, scales, and accuracy.

✦ Cloud IT
We are at the forefront of monetization and providing exceptional service. The shift to diversify revenues, outperform competitors, and maximize efficiency takes on new dimensions of complexity when top-line revenue growth is expanded through additional services.

✦ Network Management
More than ever, our management solutions are automated, intelligent, and effective. We're empowering companies to serve, secure, and scale opportunities in the enterprise of the future and beyond in a complex world of massive data and millisecond latency.

✦ Intent-Based Networks
We open up new avenues for network operations automation, efficiency gains, and performance enhancements. When necessary, our network will minimally involve humans in order to continuously monitor and adjust to ensure alignment with business intent.

✦ Network Optimization
By utilizing AI-powered, data-driven network optimization technologies, we can get an advantage and maximize the potential and performance of the network.

Why Choose Us?

  • Flexible cooperation models
    We are capable of handling every kind of IT task in your business. Additionally, we can share responsibilities and support co-managed cooperation with other IT service providers or your internal IT infrastructure department.
  • SLA-based service delivery
    We document and sign an SLA outlining the services that will be provided, the terms, and the KPIs in order to guarantee service transparency and foster trust.
  • 24/7 Availability and Fast Responsiveness
    We will continuously monitor the condition of your infrastructure. Typically, it takes us no more than eight hours to complete urgent fixes and one to two weeks to deliver new functionality.
  • Smooth Communication
    We decide on the best means and frequency of communication (tools, level of detail, timing) based on your personal preferences. In the event that any members of your team do not speak English, we will probably assign a contact for your language.

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