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Detect, Analyze and Block Advanced Email Threats & Get Maximum Security

Leverage our most advanced blend of cross-generational threat defence techniques to improve your visibility and overall protection.

With new and more advanced cyber threats, cybercriminals are increasingly focusing on people rather than infrastructure. Organizations must implement adequate controls to safeguard corporate communications from business email compromise, malware, ransomware, and credential phishing.

Cloudlink uses the most cutting-edge fusion of cross-generational threat defence techniques to identify more malware and phishing emails. Our comprehensive, extensible Email Security services in Dubai help block both malware and non-malware email threats, such as email fraud (also known as business email compromise or BEC). Your people, who pose the biggest risk, are made visible to you. You can better understand the risks you face and react to threats more quickly with the help of actionable insights.

Explore Our Wide Range of Email Security Solutions in Dubai

✦ Email Protection
The leading secure email gateway in the industry is called Email Protection. Your inbound and outbound email can be secured and controlled. Additionally, the phishing and BEC threats are identified and stopped dynamically thanks to our proprietary machine learning and multilayered detection techniques.

✦ Targeted Attack Protection
You can keep an edge over attackers thanks to targeted attack protection (TAP). Your emails will remain safe because they give you a cutting-edge method to find, examine, and stop sophisticated threats before they reach your inbox. With actionable insights and forensic information about an attack, TAP gives you visibility into your most frequently attacked individuals.

✦ Email Fraud Defense
As a leading IT infrastructure services provider, we support you with committed consultants and offer you guided workflows. Get a thorough strategy to defend the reputation of your company from email fraud attacks.

✦ Threat Response Auto-Pull
Your messaging and security administrators will be able to examine emails and move harmful or unwanted emails to quarantine after delivery with the help of Threat Response Auto-Pull.

✦ Internal Mail Defense
Internal Mail Defense can help you extend the reach of your email security solutions and identify compromised accounts. Every internal email transmission can be automatically scanned. Furthermore, it offers a multilayered strategy to spot spam, malware, or phishing attacks launched from compromised accounts.

✦ Email Continuity
It offers your users complete access through Outlook integration, a web portal, or native mobile support. It also automatically starts up in the event of a power outage. You can recover completely automatically with it as well.

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